Supply of Educational Materials to Poor & differently abled children

The parents of rural and disabled children being extremely poor, often they are unable to meet the educational expenses of their children. They are unable to get them proper uniform and other educational supplies. Consequently, the children are unable perform well in the school and at times, they fail in the subjects. This ultimately leads them to become dropouts from schools and choose their parental occupation on the long run. Realizing the importance of the education of rural children, Annai Charitable and Educational Trust identifies and supplies the poor and disabled school children with educational materials such as Uniforms, Note Books, Guides, Instrument box and Stationeries with the help of Giveindia.


Supply of Dresses to Poor women and widows

Widows not only suffer with social and economic sanctions but also face many psychological consequences, loneliness and in many cases deprivation causing emotional disturbances and imbalance. Widowhood is considered still a curse and family support is missing at times. Widowhood represents a "social death" for women. It is not merely that they have lost their husbands, the main breadwinner and supporter of their children, but widowhood robs them of their status and consigns them to the very margins of society where they suffer the most extreme forms of discrimination and stigma. Annai Charitable & Educational Trust with the help of Giveindia helps the aged and poor women and widows through supply of clothes every year.

Educate a poor rural child by providing annual scholarship

Annai Charitable and Educational Trust runs a Matriculation School under the name St. Joseph Matriculation School in Venthanpatti Village of Ponnamaravathi Taluk, Pudukottai District. This School has classes from KG to X Grade with strength of over 400 children from the nearby villages and also from neighboring district of Sivagangai. Our Trust has a policy to admit poor children also into our school based on their family background. Some of the children have either lost one parent while others have disabled, drunkard, sickly parents who are unable to make both ends meet. Some of the parents are working as agricultural coolies, which is only a seasonal job with un-assured wages. Currently 100 such children are on the roll with poor economic backgrounds. These students are not charged any fee such as tuition fee, book fee, uniform fee, transport fee and the like and they are getting  free education. Our trust raises donations from our Trustees and also from philanthropists for the educational expenses of these children. Often this is not adequate and we incur loans to manage the expenditure.

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