Livelihoods Promotion to Poor Women and widows

Women constitute more than half the population in India and hence there is no development without their participation in decision making bodies. Women experience a life time subjugation, unwanted before birth, deprived of privileges as a baby girl, drudgery in childhood, sexually violated in adolescence, undernourished in adulthood, and outcast in widowhood. Realizing the survival of poor women, Annai Charitable and Educational Trust helps selected  poor women from the surroundings of Venthanpatti and help them with livelihood assistance such as Sewing Machines and Wet Grinders so that they will able to combat against extreme poverty and hunger.


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Address:  Annai Charitable & Educational Trust,

                St. Joseph Matriculation School Campus,

                Venthanpatty, Ponnamaravathi,

                Pudukottai District, Tamilnadu, India 622 407.



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