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One of the most serious flaws of the Indian educational system is that it often lacks to ensure proper implementation of educational policy for poor boys and girls and other disadvantaged children. Poverty and illiteracy engendered by the deep-rooted discrimination alienate the disadvantaged population from mainstream.  Education to disadvantaged children is not made available fully to the rural folk.  Rural children usually become dropouts at the age of 12 and engage in their traditional occupation or just assist the parents in their occupation and become a child bread winner.  And therefore literacy rate among the rural children is very poor in comparison with urban population.  Realizing the magnitude of this issue, Annai Charitable & Educational Trust has started Remedial Education to the poor students in Ponnamaravathi Taluk.


Each Centre is conducted in a common place depending upon the number of children enrolled. Care is taken that the place chosen would be accessible to all children in general.  We also identify local teachers for all the core subjects (English, Science and Mathematics) and put them in charge of the centres. The children are facilitated to clear their doubts in class work and also assisted in home studies since most of the parents are illiterate. The teachers conduct monthly tests for the children to assess their performance. This practice enables the weak students to score good marks in the final examination.





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